Santiago's Northern Road

Oviedo - Avilés

First stage of Asturian North Road. 30Km - 6H

Indicative map of the route

After visiting the Lord in the Cathedral of San Salvador, you will go north through streets such as El Águila, Gascona (famous for its cider houses), Foncalada (where the Pre-Romanesque fountain is), etc, going through the city without any loss. that in all its roads there is a shell that points the way. Passing through Avenida del Mar and Pontón Vaqueros Street you leave the city and, on the left, you take a local road that leads to La Estrecha and Cuyences. Half a kilometer from here, towards the north, there is a road on the right that passes through La Granxa, Laviada, La Pedrera and Puente Cayés, on the Nora River. In Campiello, there is a very short track that links to the local road LL-1, next to an industrial estate and to the La Morgal aerodrome, which leads to Posada, capital of the municipality of Llanera. From here the road is taken up and, skirting the slope of Monte de Santofirme, the route goes up to the Alto de la Miranda, to descend past the Simplicio fountain and the AS-17 road. Continue on the local road LL-9, crossing some railroad tracks and taking the road that crosses the Villar river. You enter from here in the council of Corvera through the towns of La Sota and Solís. Then we pass through Cancienes until we get to Nubleo, from there to El Portazgo, where the chapel of the Consolacion is located, and after passing Los Campos the pilgrim arrives in Avilés where it connects with the coastal route.


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Oviedo Cathedral

Before setting off, it is convenient to visit Oviedo with a little time; In addition, we will need our first stamp for the credential: the best place to do it is the Cathedral of San Salvador [43.362494, -5.843608].

Oviedo Cathedral

Oviedo Cathedral

The credential, by the way, we can obtain it - if we do not bring it with us already - in the tourism office of the Town Hall of Oviedo [43.360329, -5.845137] which, in addition, is free. The tourist office is in front of the town hall.

Oviedo - Tourist Office

Oviedo - Interesting places

Pilgrim's credential

Oviedo is a delight and if there is no time to visit the pre-Romanesque [43.379357, -5.866066], at least the old town deserves an hour's walk or a couple if there is a stop to load up.

Plaza del Fontán

The hostel in Oviedo is past Campillín from El Fontán Market [43.360205, -5.845668] (photo above).

Albergue de Oviedo - 35, Leopoldo Alas St. [43.355741, -5.844745]

I have never been because either I arrive in Oviedo around 09.00, I am going to seal the cathedral and I walk, or I sleep somewhere else. In addition, it has recently changed its location (in 2014 I think).

Oviedo - Town Hall Square

Oviedo - Plaza de los Huevos

Avilés' town hall

It is difficult to find pilgrims on this stretch. You might see athletes on the skirt of the Naranco through which we will pass to leave Oviedo until almost reach Posada de Llanera.

Little dirt road, a lot of road, there are no loose dogs (good a dwarf in an industrial building). It is not necessary to carry water or food, we go through several populations every short space of time.

Remember to seal the cathedral: it is an unbeatable first seal: I have 3 of these. They seal in a door that is inside on the left side at the back: there is a door and inside they have a piece of furniture with the seal.

As a first stage it is tired, especially because of the asphalt and the few people you will find walking.

Leaving Oviedo is easy as long as we do not confuse the Camino del Norte with the Camino Primitivo: both are signposted from the Cathedral of San Salvador. We have to go north, as we see the cathedral, on the left where the garden of kings. We went down by Águila [43º21'46.7 "N 5º50'38.2" W].

We crossed Jovellanos and continued down Gascona [43º21'49.5 "N 5º50'37.8" W].

At the end of Gascona we turn right on Victor Chábarri [43º21'52.3 "N 5º50'41.2" W].

We arrive at a large roundabout and continue straight until we turn left to Lieutenant Alfonso Martínez [43º21'59.8 "N 5º50'26.8" W].

It is renamed Bermúdez de Castro Street [43º22'16.6 "N 5º50'16.1" O]; we continue straight north. We reached another large roundabout and continued straight on; of the two options more or less straight, the street on the left that is Avenida del Mar.

We passed a Lidl with parking and, just before the Repsol gas station before reaching another roundabout, we turned left towards Cuyences (and Los Castañales soccer field). Just past the gas station, we choose the deviation to the right direction North [43º22'42.5 "N 5º50'02" W]. Bird's eye view is this.

We passed under the railroad, immediately afterwards under the highway and we took the right direction. We cross several groups of houses and end in another county road that we have to choose left (North): we are in Cuyences. From here it is well indicated with yellow arrows. Up to here there was another possibility that is a little longer and I have avoided.

We arrived at Posada [43º26'11 "N 5º50'50.2" O] which is a good place to have breakfast or have a snack if we have already had breakfast. There are a couple of cafes on the left sidewalk where I went on different trips and they are good: they have pinchos (small sandwiches) and pastries. Then, we continue through Posada de Llanera until this deviation to the right.

Then first to the left [43º26'23.3 "N 5º51'01" W] and first to the right [43º26'26.1 "N 5º51'03" W] and follow the marked route. We will cross some mountain and forest. We crossed the main road twice in Miranda [43º27'49.5 "N 5º51'00.3" W] [43º28'34.6 "N 5º50'39.7" W] to return to rural roads and highways. We go back to the road [43º29'14.26 "N 5º50'39.7" O] until Sama de Abajo until we reach Avilés. A stop before arriving to eat in Los Campos; I ate here well and cheap [43 ° 32'06.8 "N 5 ° 53'20.2" W]; It's the La Terraza bar.

The Alberge in the street of La Magdalena [43º33'04.3 "N 5º55'10" O] with Cervantes. It is easy to get lost, especially if you ask the locals because they send us to the other side of Magdalena street where there is a small homonymous church; as we descend to Avilés it is to the right not to the left. I leave the coordinates and so there is no loss.

The hostel is large, has plenty of places: do not run to get there; It has a kitchen, laundry room, it is clean (although there were bedbugs in 2013) there is a hospitalero at the reception who delivers blankets on request and will put the stamp on the credential. You have to give a "donation" of € 6 to sleep. Remember that you have to bring two stamps daily to give you the compostela of different populations. There are pensions in Avilés as an alternative if it is full or if you prefer a private room without snoring.

In addition to the main photo that I put of the town hall square, Avilés has things to see; for example the Niemeyer center, the port, Galiana street, the park ... To access the historic center, you just have to cross the street from the hostel.

There are lots of bars and places to eat; It is a city with all services.